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Memoirs of a Succubus - Lillian MacKenzie Rhine

Five out of Five stars!


Now, let's begin by saying this isn't your normal romance novel, or even erotica. It's really the tale of Natalya and what she truly is. It's the question of what's right and what's wrong. In the book Ms. Rhine does an amazing job not only showing some amazingly HOT love scenes, but strings them together plausibly. Yes, just about every chapter has sex in it, but when you are dealing with a Succubus, what else? Natalya is trying her best to understand exactly what the hell is going on around her, and who she really is. The only constant is Sinnocent...


And what a man he is!


Sinnocent is, perhaps, the only person in the world who has Natalya's needs at heart. He loves her, no doubt. It's not just about the love most pitiful humans have for a Sucubi or Icubi. No, these two are connected, in some kind of way, outside of the other world they are living in. If you are looking for romance in this story, then look to him.

I say though, this is an amazing read. It is so different than what's out there, I just couldn't put it down. I've now read it three times before I even wrote this review because I just had to look at it again. Every time I read it I pick up on something new, make a connection between things explained later and only hinted at when the story started. This book is a gift that keep son giving...And if you are feeling lonely...well it will give you some help to cure that too.


Lilian MacKenzie Rhine is hotter than hot, and if she can think up someone as deliciously sexy as Natalya, Nahema, and Sinnocent, then what can you think about her?

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